Gone are the days of sitting in a dark room until your symptoms settle. Research is showing that a graduated active recovery for concussion is now the preferred method of treatment. 

Our multi-disciplinary team works with you on your program to understand and  treat your symptoms all in the process of getting you back to school, to play and to life. 

At Symphony we offer the complete cycle of concussion care from education thru treatment.   Our multi-disciplinary team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists, clinical counsellors,  speech pathologists and kinesiologists are passionate about concussion and guiding through your recovery as quickly as possible.  We recognize that your recovery could also require services outside of our team ~ in which case we will connect you with our community colleague's in chiropractic, neuro optometry and more.  


A concussion is a form of brain injury that can affect the functioning of your brain.  Contrary to some thoughts, you do not actually need to hit your head or lose consciousness to be diagnosed with a concussion.  Although they are most commonly diagnosed following a blow to the head they can also occur when the head and upper body are violently shaken.  People may have a concussion and not realize it. 

Concussion Signs & Symptoms

As concussions are a diffuse brain injury many different functions of the brain can be affected. At Symphony if you are experiencing the following signs & symptoms we can help you on your rehab journey:

  • fuzzy or blurry vision

  • dizziness

  • balance problems

  • fatigue

  • headaches

  • altered head or facial sensations

  • word finding and language issues 

  • difficulty thinking clearly

  • feeling "slowed down"

  • difficulty concentrating or remembering new information

  • emotional challenges (more irritable, more emotional, nervousness)

  • sleep issues 

"Some of these symptoms may appear right away, while others may not be noticed for days or months after the injury, or until the person starts resuming their everyday life and more demands are placed upon them".

~ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Acute Concussion Treatment 

Most concussions resolve without treatment if cared for properly from the onset.  Acute concussion management at Symphony can involve:

  • initial Assessment for understanding of current symptoms

  • working with our Kinesiologist on guided and supervised progression of aerobic activity

  • education on Rest and appropriate reintegration of activities

  • coaching and check in's to guide you gradual return to activity  

Post Concussion Treatment 

If you are still experiencing symptoms as described above at the 3 week mark post your concussion an assessment is recommended.   At this further stage in concussion rehab your treatment plan may involve:

  • aerobic exercise and how to gradually re-introduce activity

  • planning & pacing

  • mindfulness

  • vestibular rehab

  • vision rehab

  • balance

  • manual therapy and treatment of the neck  

  • increase in cognitive demand in activities (Cognitive Rehab)

  • Speech & Language Pathology 

  • Senaptec assessment and treatment

Complete Concussion Care at Symphony

Education Sessions

Our education sessions are held EITHER at our clinic or in the location of your choice (hockey rink, staff room ect)​.  Our sessions will teach you:

  • What is a concussion

  • Signs & Symptoms of Concussion

  • The first 24-48 hours post concussion

  • REST - what do we mean? 

  • How do you return to school, to play , to life?

C3 Logix in the media

C3 Logix in the media

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Test your cognition

Baseline Testing 

If you are 13years or older and participate in sport a baseline test is a valuable piece of information for your coach (and yourself) to have.  Your baseline gives you a standardized assessment and thus a comparison for you to test against if a concussion is suspected.  

Baseline Testing Options:

1. Standard Baseline Testing

This is our standard baseline assessment using the C3Logix Software. It gives a comprehensive score in symptoms, balance, cognition, reaction time, processing speed and vestibular function. 

We will also include a more in-depth cognitive baseline with our CBS Cognitive Testing. 


2. Enhanced Baseline Testing

Standard Baseline + Senaptec Assessment   

In this baseline assessment you will complete BOTH the C3 Logix baseline measures as well as the standardized Senaptec Assessment. The Senaptec Assessment gives us additional insight into your reaction time, visual perception, depth perception, dynamic vision and more.  


  • Initial Assessment to examine the domains that may be affected by concussion (physical, vestibular, vision, cognition, aerobic, ect).  Every new concussion will complete the C3Logix and Cambridge Brain Science Assessment

  • Senaptec Assessment ~ to gauge performance in areas commonly affected by concussion (visual perception, reaction time, hand eye coordination, contrast sensitivity, near far quickness and more)

  • Treatment ~ quantity and length of treatment is dependent on clients assessments.  Programs are individualized to the clients needs

  • Brain Power Classes ~ these classes were developed by the Symphony Team to provide education, social support, empowerment and treatment for individuals with persistent concussion symptoms

  • Referral ~ if your assessment reveals the need for services we do not offer in our client we will immediately help you to facilitate the referrals you do need



"The Support I have been given has been over and above! Sometimes I haven't been able to put a finger on how I'm feeling, but they can! I tried to explain my proprioception issues to other medical professionals but got nowhere. Once I started with this team they were able to explain what was happening and help address it.  It's hard to properly express my gratitude in words.  They have addressed everything from physical pain management, vestibular issues, cognitive issues to emotional support. Going through this injury as a "Type A" personality has been very tough for me.  From the moment I started with Symphony this felt like a great fit - very professional but also very kind.  It's a safe space for me to process whatever I need that day.  Thank you for not just treating symptoms but treating me as a whole person.  This team is truly a dream team. "

 ~ nancy 

Brain Power Programming @ Symphony

Brain Power Education and Exercise was developed to give our clients more of what they needed: social support, educational tools and treatment

How it Works:

Brain Power is open to anyone living with Post Concussion Syndrome.  To determine if you are appropriate for the Brain Power Class you must first complete an initial assessment with one of our Physical Therapists. 

Brain Power Exercise Group

Brain Power Exercise begins after your education session.  The class runs once a week either on Monday or Tuesday afternoon. 

What it entails:

  • Small group environment of 3-5 people

  • one:one physiotherapy check-in

  • A circuit style format that includes the many domains that can be challenged by concussion: vision, vestibular, balance, strength (neck & core specifically), cognition

  • short education sessions

  • 12 week commitment 

Senaptec in Action


Concussion Recognition Tool

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