A dietitian provides you with the highest level of nutritional counselling.  They work with you to understand your goals. Armed with that knowledge they bring it together with the science & research of food and nutrition to create individualized plans to help you feel your best. 

Registered Dietitians understand the science surrounding food & nutrition and work to create practical solutions tailored for you and your goals

Servicing anyone interested in learning more about their nutrition & supplementation

sport and performance nutrition

chronic/progressive disease

weight loss/weight gain 

The Role of a Dietitian 

Dietitians can play a role in many different peoples lives.  Some key examples in which a dietitian can serve include

We can't emphasize enough that nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all solution.  Many different factors will play a role. Your dietitian will

  • listen to your medical history

  • learn about your health history

  • learn about your past and current eating habits

  • learn about your food sensitivities, allergies, likes & dislikes 

  • learn about any challenges you have had in the past when attempting to make nutritional changes

  • listen to your goals

  • create a meal plan / supplementation specifically for you 



Managing chronic disease is a way of life for us today.  With each disease comes it's own nutritional challenges ie. individuals with Parkinson's needing to time their medication with animal protein intake, individuals with MS avoiding inflammatory prone foods ~ but do you understand how to make these changes? Better yet, do you understand WHY you may want to consider making these changes.  A dietitian can work with you to:

  • understand the nutritional changes that would better serve you given your diagnosis

  • provide strategies on how to make changes

  • create a meal plan meeting the nutritional needs of your body but also your goals 

There are times were we require assistance with either weight loss or weight gain - but to be done in a way that is safe for your body and does not cause it to go into a stress response.  Diets come and go, and honestly they don't work.  The key is finding ways to make a lifestyle change, that is when change will happen.  Let our dietitian work with you to:

  • develop a safe program of weight loss or weight gain

  • guide you and motivate you in your program 

  • assistance with meal planning, grocery shopping

  • awareness of journalling if necessary

  • education on mindful eating 

Tailored Nutrition Advice 

Management of Chronic/Progressive Disease

Weight Loss/ Weight Gain

What to expect at your appointments 

Initial Session ~ 60 minutes

During your initial diet counseling session, the dietitian will review your nutrient intake and eating habits and help you understand how food affects your body. Your dietary intakes will be assessed and an individualized plan will be created to help you reach your nutrition goals. 


Subsequent Sessions ~ 30 minutes 

During your follow up visit, the dietitian (Kara) will review goals set at the previous visit, provide additional support in building nutrition knowledge and skills, and will help you to problem solve around ongoing areas of concern so that you can continue moving towards your nutrition goals.



Package One : Initial and 2 subsequent follow ups (save $30 w/pkg) 

Package Two:  Initial and 4 subsequent follow ups  (save $60 w/pkg)

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