Functional Neurology

Functional Neurology is a paradigm of care that gives the practitioner a detailed neurological lens in which to assess and treat their client.  Functional Neurology is the understanding and knowledge of the brain and the nervous system ~ its networks, its connections ~ and how it all works together for your function. 

 The landscape of healthcare is changing ~ always looking forward in the field ~ always looking to provide outstanding care to their clients ~ Symphony Rehabilitation is only one of two clinics in British Columbia whom currently provide Functional Neurology Services.

Who can Functional Neurology help

Concussion /mTBI- Brain Injury - Neurodegenerative Diseases (ie.Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis), Stroke 

What to expect when you book a Functional

Neurology Assessment 

Utilizing technology, objective testing and your medical history to determine the specific areas that require attention ~ this detailed assessment is KEY to your treatment. 

Following assessment your therapist will create an individualized and specific treatment plan to target the areas of weakness uncovered in your assessment. 

  1. Your initial assessment is 2 hours in length ~  this session is commonly split over two one hour sessions to ensure you are not exhausted and limit symptom flare

  2. Following your assessment your practitioner will review the findings with you to share what was learned and recommend treatment options

  3. A treatment plan, specific to you, will be created to target the areas your brain identified in the exam that require rehabilitation

Treatment Options 

1. Local Clinic - weekly visits

 Living in the Nanaimo Region means you have the option to receive a traditional weekly treatment format. 

 It is HIGHLY recommended (in most cases) that the first 2 weeks be more intense in treatment frequency to promote the opportunity for greater Neuroplasticity (aka. change/growth).

Following the first two weeks the intensity will be scaled back

2. Intensive Weeks 

This option is fabulous for individuals whom live either in or outside of Nanaimo but want to receive a focused week of treatments.  In these weeks your assessment occurs on the Monday followed by review of findings and treatment plan.  The intensive will conclude on the Friday with a re-assessment to demonstrate the objective changes you achieve. 

If you are interested in more information on our Intensives or would like to book an Intensive please contact us

Please note all Functional Neurology Appointments must be booked with Physical Therapist Natasha Wilch

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