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A Gala for Brain Health

May 2, 2020

Symphony Rehabilitation is thrilled to be hosting our 2nd Annual Gala for our Nanaimo Community. 

Continuing to be a leader in concussion rehabilitation, education and awareness we want to welcome you to an evening of education, awareness and enjoyment for this years Concussion Gala. 

Awareness is the first step in changing the way the world views and responds to Concussion

Education is the second step.  What do we do when we have a concussion? How can we support those living with concussion?


Action is the third step.  The days of "rest until your symptoms go away" or "you just need to wait and take time" is outdated.  Individuals need to take action to recover from their concussions and be proactive in their brain health 

The Gala Mission

The mission of the evening : 

1. Symphony Sponsorship

Concussion can significantly impact an individuals life.  The search of finding practitioners, having the time and the financial means to afford treatment is something individuals can struggle with.  The Symphony Sponsorship was created to directly serve individuals within our local community.  Individuals whom are actively working to improve their health, whom are dedicated to their recovery, and whom financially would benefit from being sponsored.  The sponsorship provides the individual a week of intensive treatment with the team at Symphony Rehabilitation, detailed home program and follow-up over the following the three months. 

2. Research



The world of Neuroscience is exploding and each and everyday we are learning more and more from the research being conducted about how concussion affects our brain, how we might prevent concussion, how multiple concussions impact us and so much more.  Although we don't conduct research at the clinic we strongly believe in Evidence Based Practice and thus have partnered with the CONCUSSION LEGACY FOUNDATION for the gala this year.  A portion of proceeds will be donated towards this organization and their research division so they can continue to explore the world of CTE.  

Guest Speaker ~ Rich Sutter

We are thrilled to welcome Rich Sutter as our guest speaker for this years event. 

Rich is a veteran NHL right winger whom played his 13 seasons in the league with Pittsburgh Penguins, Philadelphia Flyers, Vancouver Canucks, St. Louis Blues, Chicago Blackhawks, Toronto Maple Leafs and Tampa Bay Lightning.  Rich played in the National Hockey League at a time when you "shook it [concussions] off" and got back on the ice.  He is joining us to share his journey with concussions and concussion recovery. 

Today Rich is a Sportsnet Analyst, a scout, and part of Hockey Operations for the Columbus Blue Jackets. 

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