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A Black Tie Gala for Brain Health

May 2, 2020

At Symphony we are truly passionate about the Concussion Care we provide our clients. Concussion Rehab is not a "cookie-cutter" treatment protocol ~ it requires a specific and individualized plan for each person.  We are proud of the great things we are already doing for concussion rehab in Nanaimo, but we also recognize we could be doing more. We want to be able to do that for you!

The more objective and specific we can make our assessments and treatments, the more we can improve recovery time and outcomes. 

This event is the first step in helping us fulfill two dreams:


1. To have the equipment necessary to better our assessment / treatment specificity at Symphony Rehabilitation

2. To create a foundation that can assist individuals in the cost of rehab post concussion


A Note from Natasha

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who attended and donated to the Symphony 2019 Gala.  It was a 

truly fabulous evening of laughter, tears, smiles & conversation.   Because of all of you we are steps closer to reaching our goal.

Thank you from all of us at Symphony Rehabilitation.  

We hope to see you again at the Symphony Gala for Brain Health on

May 2, 2020

The Equipment 

I-PAS™ (I-Portal® Portable Assessment System)

VNG (Video-Oculography) Goggles are the first piece of equipment we want to add to our diagnostic roster - these are the primary goal of this event.   This system allow us to very specifically assess your eye movements in various tasks. The performance of your eyes in these tasks (smooth pursuit, saccades, optokinetics) helps us to better localize where your brain is having challenges.  With this information we can then specify treatment and truly target the area of difficulty. 

Cost: $30,000

CAPS Posturography System 

Computerized Posturography allows us a detailed quantitative assessment of an individual's balance.  Understanding how one positions their centre of mass, pattern of sway and stability in varying environments allows us a more complete picture of our client. 

Understand more about posturography and the CAPS Lite System we are seeking to add to our diagnostic roster here 

Cost: $10,000

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