Our brains are dynamic - not static- they have the ability to reorganize, restructure and change if they are challenged sufficiently. 

Our goal is to utilize the knowledge we know about neuroplasticity to help you regain and maintain as much function as possible

"Evidence based guidelines recommend that following discharge from hospital, support should be offered to help, maintain & BUILD on gains from acute rehabilitation."  ~saywell et. al

"Evidence suggests that acute rehabilitation may be too short to achieve all the functional gains possible..." 

~saywell et al.2015

Neurological Physiotherapists have additional expertise in understanding your nervous system and the role it plays in your movement. They have an appreciation for the intracies of human movement and how it can be affected from changes to your nervous system. 

Our Therapists have post graduate training in the Bobath Concept for neurological assessment & treatment.  This concept is built around current neuroscience and rehabilitative research and science ~ it is not a formula ~ but a problem solving approach in which the therapists are trained in the analysis of movement and movement dysfunction.  The Bobath Concept utilizes elements of postural control, selective movement, facilitation, coordination of movement and sensory information and it's role in your function.  EVERY treatment is focused on the CLIENTS individualized presentation and THEIR goals. 

Individuals whom have had a stroke, a spinal cord injury, a brain injury, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, or cerebral palsy are a handful of examples of people whom may benefit from neuro rehab. 

Neurological Rehab Services

Stroke Rehab

Recovery from stroke is a life long process ~ upon being discharged from hospital your journey is only beginning.  Research has shown us that the acute rehab stage, your time in hospital, is too short to achieve ALL the functional gains possible!  That means that you still have the ability to set goals and work towards them.  

Your STROKE REHAB appointments at Symphony:

* one:one 60 minute sessions

* complete assessment and constant reassessment of current function

* HANDS ON sessions with your therapist to facilitate body alignment and activation to improve your

  strength, function and muscle activation

* Rehabilitation goal setting

* Education on appropriate exercise information to propel you towards your goals

* Development of an individualized exercise program

Creating a NOVEL experience for your body to enable CHANGE and LEARNING 

Parkinson's Programs

Parkinson's is a progressive neurodegenerative disease involving the Basal Ganglia and subcortical region of your brain.  It is a complex and multi-faceted disease effecting both the motor systems but ALSO the non-motor systems (cognition, sleep, executive function) of your body.  

We KNOW today, EXERCISE IS MEDICINE for individuals with PD ~ it can SLOW down, HALT or in some ways REVERSE the course of the disease increasing your quality of life. 

"Exercise is physiological tool that promotes brain health, repair, adaptation & behavioural recovery from the INSIDE."

Everyone's Parkinson's Program may look different depending on your goals and current function.  An example of what it could look like is below:​

Physiotherapy Example: 

  • Initial Assessment with your professional of current function

  • A set block of one:one appointments to challenge your body and brain (examples: once a week for 4 weeks, or one intense block of 4 days a week)

  • Creation of a home exercise program based on the findings of the initial assessment AND the one:one appointments (if you choose to have them)

  • Follow up appointment ranging from 1-6 months down the road 

  • Group Programs ~ fun, social and physically challenging specifically for individuals with PD​​

We strongly encourage individuals with Parkinson's to have an assessment with a PWR!Therapist and begin forming their team at DIAGNOSIS ~  this allows us to address issues BEFORE they become debilitating or effect your day to day life. 

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Movement Analysis

Our bodies have amazing memories of what they have been through in their life time.  That fractured ankle 5 years ago, the bad ankle sprain 2 years ago, that bout of vertigo last month, it's ALWAYS the same side of your body you are injuring ~ every incident that your body experiences it remembers. It had to alter your movement patterns to continue to allow you to function, to keep you pain free, to keep you moving ~ but as time goes it can only modify and alter so many times until that next injury that seemed so simple but sidelines you significantly. 

A movement analysis allows us to examine your movement patterns, what is activating? What isn't? Where are the inefficiencies in your body mechanics?  Correct these things NOW and you can PREVENT future injuries from happening. 

Like you go to your GP for a "check up" we like to call this your "movement check up" 

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain is a complex, multi dimensional health concern that involves your whole person.  Due to the complexity of its nature treatment requires both a physical, social, educational, team work approach to treatment.  


We work with you to EDUCATE you on Chronic Pain, to UNDERSTAND your own personal Chronic Pain, to provide TOOLS and STRATEGIES to help manage your pain, and to help you regain/ maintain your bodies range of motion, strength and physical capabilities. 

Gait Training

Someone's Gait (aka. Walking) can be altered for any number of reasons:  injury to the musculoskeletal OR nervous system, pain, surgery ect.  Gait should be a natural movement that does not require you to think about every step - but sometimes following that injury that's exactly what happens.  

We work with you to analyze YOUR gait, see where the inefficiencies are, and correct them to bring your gait back towards that natural, thoughtless, process.  

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Your Neurological Rehab Team @ Symphony

The American Heart and Stroke Foundation Guidelines state that Stroke Rehab requires a "sustained, coordinated, multi-disciplinary effort".  We feel this can be applied to ALL neurological rehabilitation.  YOUR team at Symphony allows for a cohesive treatment approach that is focused on YOU.

The health professionals in our clinic that may be involved in your journey include:

* Physiotherapists

* Massage Therapists
* Speech & Language Pathologists

* Kinesiologist
* Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Assistant
* Group Fitness 

~Treat a plateau as a signal to re-assess, not an end to recovery. Look at what you have achieved. Figure out what you need to change to move forward in your journey.  Do you need to adjust your goals? Do you need a new strategy? 
We work with you to navigate these times and make a plan TOGETHER to move you forward ~
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