Neuroperformance Brain Health Program

Symphony is setting a new standard for concussion care and overall brain health & performance

For individuals ages 8 years old and up

Who is the NPBH Program for?

This program was developed and designed for the athlete (competitive or recreational, youth or adult) that wants to:

  • Have a "baseline" picture of what their healthy brain function looks like

  • Ensure they are optimizing their brain function to increase sports performance and overall health

  • Excel in their chosen sport and put their best self forward

  • Work alongside healthcare professionals that are leaders in concussion assessment & rehabilitation

  • Be in control and a CHAMPION of their own brain health ~ making things stronger BEFORE you get injured

We aim to empower the athlete, the parent of the athlete and the outdoor/sport enthusiast to champion their own brain health. 

5 out of 10 concussions go unreported or undetected! Fickling et. al 2019 state that current protocols are not sensitive enough to detect subtle changes in brain function. There is also evidence to suggest that risk of musculoskeletal injury is significantly higher for athletes sustaining a concussion in the subsequent 3, 6 and 12 months. 

Our Neuroperformance Brain Health Program utilizes state of the art technology coupled with clinical expertise to work with you to assess, monitor and train your neurological performance and function pre and post injury. 



Initial brain health assessment

...think of it as your "preseason Physical"

  • Functional Neurology Physical Assessment

  • Right Eye Brain Health & Sport Vision Assessment

  • Infrared Goggle Assessment

  • Cambridge Brain Science Cognitive 

  • EQ Health App set up & activation 


In-Season Monitoring

  • Weekly Dashboard (EQ Health) Monitoring by Symphony Rehab

  • Incident Monitoring within 24 -48 hours 

  • Expedited Clinic Assessment when required 

  • Sport Transition Functional Neurology Check Up (for yearly members)


Add on's based on client needs & Goals

  • Neuroperformance Training

  • Concussion Rehabilitation

  • Physical Therapy for strains & sprains 



The new "baseline" test


  • EQ Health App set up & activation 

  • Completion of client history and EQ Health Testing 


In-Season Monitoring

  • Weekly Dashboard (EQ Health) Monitoring by Symphony Rehab

  • Incident Monitoring within 24 -48 hours 

  • Expedited Clinic Assessment when required 

  • Sport Transition Functional Neurology Check Up (for yearly members)


Add on's based on client needs & Goals

  • Neuroperformance Training

  • Concussion Rehabilitation

  • Physical Therapy for strains & sprains 

Program Components

Initial Brain Health Assessment


Think of this as your "preseason physical".  It's the assessment that every athlete should have completed before they head into training camps and pre-season! Why? Simple,

* it provides a "baseline" picture of your healthy brain function

* it determines your strengths and your weaknesses so that you can focus on them in training, improve your skills, and be the best athlete you can be. 

1. Functional Neurology Physical Exam 

This part of your assessment will be completed by one of our Functional Neurology trained Physical Therapists.  In this exam the various functions of your brain are assessed to determine if some areas aren't functioning optimally.   

Just like our bodies, our brains are fabulous at compensating when we have weakness in a particular area.  In fact , the brain is so good at this that you may not even notice.  However, if a concussion were to occur it may disrupt the area of your brain that had been providing the compensation, thus making your symptoms more prevalent because now you have both the preexisting weakness from before the incident, as well as a brain injury that has removed your compensation strategies. 

Lets use balance as an example:

Balance is a complex task that requires integration of information from 3 systems:

1. Visual System
2. Vestibular System

3. Somatosensory / Proprioceptive Systems

In an optimized brain, all three of these systems contribute rather equally and result in "strong" balance.  However, if you were to have a 

previous concussion, inner ear infection - the vestibular system may be affected and can, in essence, become "weaker".

But your brain is SMART!  If this is the only issue then your other two systems will step you to compensate and 

you may not even notice a difference in your balance! 

But, cue NEW CONCUSSION that may now effect your visual system! If your visual system was compensating for your previously weekend vestibular system you now have TWO sources of balance compromised, resulting in likely notable changes in your balance. 

The purpose of your Functional Neurology Assessment is to identify these imbalances in your brain function BEFORE you have an injury. Identifying them now gives you the opportunity to rectify them, train them, and fully optimize your brain and function prior to injury occurring

2. Right Eye Brain Health & Sports Vision Assessment 

In this assessment we are looking at so much more than your visual clarity, which is that 20/20 number your optometrist shares with you. 

"Right Eye's Sports Vision EyeQ is a non-invasive, objective test that quickly and easily measures and analyzes eye movement, brain processing, reaction time, and compares vision to peers, amateurs and pro athletes.  The results are delivered in a graphical, easy-to-read Sports Vision EyeQ report that you get to keep for yourself." 

Used by 7 major league baseball teams, the RIGHT EYE System is a game changing tool to your program.

3. Infrared Goggle Assessment 

Your eyes tell us significant information about your brain. It is important to assess your eyes both in room light and in the dark. In the dark, without the ability to fixate on an object, your eyes may unveil information about your brain vestibular system, perception of space - that otherwise we would not see. 

4. Cambridge Brain Science Cognitive Exam 

Cognition is an area that we know can be affected by concussion.  We also know that although simple tasks may be able to be performed relatively well post concussion, challenges may still exist when it comes to dual task (the ability to do two tasks at the same time ie. walking and counting backwards).  Our cognitive testing system allows us to learn your baseline, as well as compares it to standardized norms, to provide us information IF you were to experience a concussion. 

"Used by leading healthcare practitioners and researchers around the world to obtain accurate, quantified, and scientifically-validated measures of cognition."

5. EQ Health 

This is the part of the program that lets the magic happen! 

EQ Health allows direct interaction between you and our Symphony Team. It allows us to store your baseline assessment and cue you to do check-in's (as we know your performance can fluctuate day to day - the more information we have the more accurate your information will be).

If an incident occurs you have immediate access to performing a full EQ test that will compare your results to your neurological norm.  Your "Post Incident Check-in" will be flagged for our team and reviewed within 24 hours.  


The weekly monitoring allows us to see if your neurological strength is being impacted, and may result in our team reaching out to you to determine the reason behind this. 

This concise platform ensures your brain health is being tracked, provides a way to test function, and acts as a communication tool between you and your health care team. 

Season Monitoring 


When most people think of concussion symptoms they think of nausea, vomiting, dizziness & headaches. They also think that once those symptoms have resolved and they start to feel better that they are fully recovered.  We know however that this is not the case, and that recovery continues beyond 1-2 weeks once you are symptom free. 

EQ Health app/dashboard allows us to monitor not only your symptoms but your function, to identify changes that you may not have picked up on and to ensure you are performing optimally without putting yourself at risk. 

Working with us at Symphony you get access to the EQ Brain Tracking app. It provides us with REAL TIME feedback on how you are doing 

Your personal dashboard and results will be reviewed by our team weekly

If you submit an incident your dashboard will be reviewed in 24 hours

If you require an assessment / treatment you receive expedited access into the clinic 

Add On's


ADD ON Services are available to you if they align with your goals and needs.  These services are not included in your Neuroperformance Brain Health Program. 

Neuroperformance Training 

NP Training gives you the opportunity to build on your baseline and improve your function and performance.  These sessions will be executed by the Symphony Team - Physical Therapy / Kinesiology.  The potential for NP Training will be identified in your initial assessment and discussed between you and your Physical Therapist. 


Concussion Rehabilitation

Symphony Rehab is known for its concussion care.  Being part of the NPBH Program gets you expedited access to the clinic for a full detailed concussion assessment.  Assessment findings would be shared with you and whomever you wish them to be communicated with (ie. physician, coach, manager, school).  Based on these findings a rehabilitation plan may be recommended. 

Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy

With sport comes strains, sprains and other muscle, bone and joint injuries.  At Symphony our team of Orthopaedic Physiotherapists can ensure you are taken care of.  

The Neuroperformance Brain Health Program is changing the standard of concussion care and overall brain health.  

You get to work with a leading team in concussion care and CHAMPION YOUR OWN BRAIN HEALTH

If you are interested in enrolling in the NPBH Program and would like more information please contact us via EMAIL or phone 250-741-0141
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