Cancer and it's treatments often result in symptoms such as


  • Loss of Muscle Strength

  • Loss of Muscle Endurance

  • Sensory Changes

  • Musculoskeletal Pain & Dysfunction

Research has shown that exercise in a variety of formats is safe and effective for people living with cancer (including advanced stages), receiving treatment (curative or palliative) and cancer survivors 

Physical rehabilitation and structured exercise can help to improve the symptoms experienced with cancer & cancer treatment and ultimately improve physical functioning, sense of wellbeing & quality of life

One:One Appointments

  • Complete assessment of current function considering disease, treatment and comorbidities
  • Rehabilitation goal setting considering physical functioning, maintaining independence and supporting quality of life
  • Education on appropriate exercise considering the extent of disease, current cancer treatments and symptoms being experienced
  • Development of individualized exercise program to be completed at home or with physical therapist
  • Guidance engaging in activities offered within the community
  • Guidance & education in the use of portable modalities (TENS & NMES) to help with pain management and muscular strength & function 

Group Education

Presentations and interactive teaching sessions will be available for patients, family and clinicians on topic of interest such as:
  • Exercise, Fatigue & Cancer
  • Exercise in Advanced Cancer
  • Exercise for Cancer Survivors
The sessions will summarize the most current research, evidence-based practice and discussion of how to incorporate the findings into daily living / clinical practice
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