Nanaimo is our home clinic ~ it's where everything started ~ and where we continue to dream and grow!

All of our services can be received in the clinic.  Easily accessible, central location and a warm and welcoming atmosphere for you to focus on your goals. 

About Us:

Symphony Rehabilitation began in May 2015 as a strictly mobile service for the neurological community of the Greater Nanaimo Region.  Our clinic location was opened in April 2016 as we realized our treatment methods allowed us to treat not ONLY the neurological population but ALSO our orthopaedic populations.  We provide our clients with NOVEL experiences that facilitate neuroplasticity and create lasting change in their bodies.  Those changes in turn put them one step closer to THEIR goals!

We are an integrated multi-disciplinary clinic ~ this means that our team will work together with you to form a cohesive treatment plan to ensure we are all moving forward together on your journey towards your goals.  We take pride in what we do, we have passion in what we do, and we work as a team to help your body find the joy in movement again. 

Concussion Rehab/ Post Concussion Syndrome



Feeling "unbalanced"

Unilateral or Bilateral Vestibular Leisons

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Nanaimo: 201 - 1450 Waddington Rd  


Fax 1-833-790-4164

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