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"Skype Style" aka. Telehealth Services 

We believe that everyone should have access to quality rehabilitation services REGARDLESS of where they live! 

Tele-health services are currently available for anyone living ANYWHERE in the province of British Columbia, Northwest Territories and Nunavet

About us 

We are a team of rehab professionals whom are dedicated to helping our clients reach their goals.  We believe in working as a team and giving you the TOOLS you will need to move forward in your journey.  In recognizing that not everyone has the physical access to services we set out to find a way to bring the services to YOU!  

Believing in evidence based practice,  research is shows us that telehealth (virtual) services is an EFFECTIVE medium to deliver rehab services with POSITIVE results.  


What does this mean to you?  This means you can receive your physiotherapy in the privacy and comfort of your home and KNOW you are receiving the same quality care you would receive in our clinic. 

Learn More about our Online Clinic "Skype style" (telehealth) services currently available in BC, NORTHWEST TERRITORIES & NUNAVET

Do you live in a remote area?
Life is busy? Not enough hours in your day? Inability to leave your home or office?
Do you require services that aren't available in your town?

Telehealth Services eliminate geography as the barrier to you accessing the high quality rehab services you need to help you reach your goals

Who can use virtual physio services?

The short answer - ANYONE!  

We use virtual physiotherapy services at Symphony in TWO ways:


  1. Clients come to the clinic for ​some sessions AND use our virtual appointments for other sessions.  This model is discussed with their physiotherapist to decide what is the most effective for their goals
  2. Clients ONLY use our virtual services. 
    1. These are typically clients who do not live in the Nanaimo region but still wish to access our exceptional services  
    2.  We care about every single one of our clients - about where you are now and where you want to be!  As a telehealth client you will receive the same standard of care and be welcomed into the Symphony Community just as if you walked through our front door


being a little more specific..... 

Our "Skype Style" Virtual Services (aka. Telehealth) were created for ANYONE whom can not make it to the clinic for their appointment.   

This could include (but is not limited too):

  • New mom's trying to juggle newborn's schedules with life

  • Professionals whom are stuck at the office and can't get away for an hour

  • Someone living in a remote community with no local clinic to attend

  • Weather makes it so you can't get out of your driveway

  • Practioners whom wish to consult with a "niche" services provider

  • You live in a community that does not have the specific services you need

  • You're not feeling 100% but still want to connect with your health provider 

Interested but still not sure it's right for you?  We understand, it is a new and different way to think about receiving your physiotherapy services. 

Book your COMPLEMENTARY consult call with us to learn more about our virtual services, how they work and if we are the RIGHT fit for YOU! 

How it Works

It's easy! All you need is an internet connection and access to a smart phone/tablet or desktop computer!

Secure Video Calls

We use a telemedicine platform called that provides you with a personalized 1:1 session with your therapist

  • secure and encrypted live video ​
  • the ability to 3-way call if there is someone you want present that isn't right beside you OR if you and your therapist are requesting a consult
  • the ability to screen share so your therapist can show you diagrams, videos and other educational materials

Easy to use for everyone regardless of whether you are tech savvy 

Personalized Rehabilitation Programs

With your personalized rehabilitation program following your session you have:

  • Video and written explanation of each exercise

  • Educational Material 

  • Ability to track your pain or adherence to your program

  • EASY access and communication avenues with your therapist 

This is great! I would like to book an appointment 


Tabitha, Telehealth client 

My life changed after seeing Natasha via her Telehealth services. I've seen many physio's over the years for my knees and most recently my incisional hernia (c-section site).  Natasha was not only able to correct my posture to help my knee-back-hip alignment, solve my knee issues, give me exercises, guidance in my workout program and modifications that I needed to make - but she was able to  as much or even more for me than other physio's I had seen in person. 

I went from not being able to lift anything more then 5lbs  to doing all my workouts in my exercise program with only a few modifications. 

The app she uses is awesome - video's, explanations and a messaging section to be able to reach her with any questions - I didn't have to wait until my next appointment. 

My Telehealth appointments with Natasha have honestly been my best physio experience to date! 

Myrna, Telehealth Client 

This spring I was happy to learn that I could access Symphony Rehab's services remotely via the Telehealth link.  It was very easy to set up and use, and I'm not always comfortable with new computer technology.  Natasha's eagle eye quickly honed in on some imbalances in my stance, gait, ect. and after a few quick questions, she was able to correct  issues I was having and demonstrate proper technique or suggest alternative movements for me so that I could continue to participate in exercising.  

I'm honestly convinced that I gained more knowledge (and new exercises) to help me recover from injuries and gain strength in just ONE virtual session with Natasha than I had in the past few months of actual physiotherapy at a clinic. 

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the expertise and care of Symphony Rehabilitation  ~ Natasha and the entire team ~ to anyone!

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