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My family and I relocated to Nanaimo in October of 2014.  My son was only 4 months old, being on maternity leave I had the opportunity to explore my return to work options.  Fast Forward to May 2015 and Symphony began as just me - my massage table - and my Sorento.  I started Symphony as strictly a mobile service … but I had a vision.  I am THRILLED my vision is taking shape! Our clinic opened in April 2016, we have built an amazing team.  As I do I am always thinking of ways to serve our clients ~ and thus comes Telehealth! 


 I learned very early in my physiotherapy career that I had a passion for neurology and movement. Since graduating from the University of British Columbia, I have taken post-graduate courses in the Bobath Concept, NDT, PWR!, Chronic Pain,  IMS, Acupuncture,Vestibular Rehabilitation,Concussion (Post-Concussion) Rehab and Functional Neurology. I believe that by continuing to educate and grow individually I can offer my clients the best of my skills; which in turn, will help you reach your goals and achieve the most of your quality of life. 

I have experience in all aspects of the contiuum of neurological rehab - acute care (including the emergency room, acute stroke floors as well as throughout other medical floors in the hospital setting), In-Patient Rehabilitation, and in the private clinic setting. Having these experiences gives me an understanding of the journey an individual goes through when recovering from either a new injury or an exacerbation of an existing one.

In addition to Symphony I began Concussion Coach - this is an online community for individuals anywhere in the world living with persistent concussion symptoms. I saw a need for education, empowerment, support, community and coaching -> which led to Concussion Coach's creation. 

I am honoured to have won 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year, 2018 Vancouver Island Business & Community Achievement Awards,  and to be a Nominee for the RBC Women's Entrepreneur Awards. 

Physiotherapist / Clinic Owner

Functional Neurology * neuro rehab * concussion rehab *  vestibular rehab IMS * Acupuncture * Orthopedics * Bobath practitioner * PWR!Therapist
Concussion Educator for Nanaimo Minor Hockey

Natasha Wilch 


Soon after finishing my Physical Therapy degree at the University of British Columbia in 2013, I left Vancouver and moved to beautiful Vancouver Island.


I have worked in private practice since 2014, and enjoy working with clients from all walks of life. My treatment approach combines manual therapy, needling techniques, education, movement re-training, and exercise prescription with the goal of holistic treatment that addresses the underlying cause of dysfunction.


I am always eager to learn and have taken courses in acupuncture, dry needling, manual therapy, Neurokinetic Therapy, pelvic health and vestibular rehabilitation. 


I am passionate about staying active and find it hard to sit still! In my spare time, I enjoy running, hiking, climbing, gymnastics, travel, baking, and, of course, the great outdoors.


orthopaedics * concussion rehab * vestibular rehab  IMS * acupuncture * pelvic health

Charlotte Mah


Nanaimo is my home town and I thoroughly enjoy working and being a part of my community in a career that I am so passionate about. I received a Bachelors of Science degree in Kinesiology from the University of Victoria in 2008 and a Masters of Science degree in Physiotherapy from Queen’s University in 2011. 


I was the Head Physiotherapist for the VI Raiders football team from 2011-2015 and have completed post graduate training in Advanced Orthopaedic Manual and Manipulative Therapy, Functional Dry Needling and hydrotherapy. 


I am dedicated to provide individualized evidence-based treatments, which are centralized around each client’s goals. Along with Functional Dry Needling and Manual Therapy, I also believe in the integration of soft tissue techniques, taping and therapeutic exercise to achieve optimal patient outcomes and satisfaction.


orthopaedics * IMS * Sports Injury

Jessica Sirri 

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My name is Keeley Smith and I am a physical therapist who enjoys treating all areas of the body with a special interest in pelvic health. I believe everyone is born to move and everyone should have the ability to access professionals that can help you move and get back to enjoying work, play and everyday life when something stops you from moving. Life happens and I have had a number of injuries, illness and conditions (apparently I needed a lot) that affected and changed how I was able to participate in everyday life. I realized through these experiences that any condition that stops you from moving will potentially impact your health for the rest of your life. And that it can suck. And it’s really nice when you have someone along side you to help assess, plan, support, encourage and teach you how to help get yourself better. Helping each person on their path back to movement and working with such amazing professionals that have helped me is what continuously inspires me in the work I do.

  A quick little bit about me. I completed my Physical Therapy degree from the University of Western Ontario in 2001. Originally an Alberta girl I have enjoyed many opportunities to explore Canada coast to coast through my education and clinical work in private and public settings. I could list all the other things I have done over the last 16 years (including becoming a mom), but it is really the people I have worked with that have taught me the most. Especially getting me into pelvic health. There is a lot of silence and miseducation around incontinence, birth injuries, sexual and pelvic pain, and prolapse. And that’s where I am now. Tele-rehabilitation. For you or those that have limited access to pelvic health therapists in BC and Alberta. An opportunity for you to get the care you need to restore, maximize, and maintain movement for the rest of your life.



pelvic health * orthopaedics * IMS * Acupuncture * Cupping * Hypopressives

Keeley Smith

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My desire to be involved with the dynamics of the human body began at a very early age. I was heavily involved in sport throughout my younger years, competing in a variety of team and individual sports. After graduating high school, I attended N.A.I.T in Edmonton, AB where I took the Personal Fitness Training Program. I also played on the N.A.I.T Womens Basketball team for three years while I attended. Life took me in a different direction after finishing college, where I took time off to travel abroad for a year, visiting Australia and S.E Asia. Upon returning, I became a Journeyman Parts Technician where I worked with heavy duty trucks for 11 years. After being an employee, and a part of the typical Mon-Fri, 8-4 workforce, my family and I decided it was time to make a change. I then enrolled in the 2 year Massage Therapy Program at MH Vicars School of Massage in Edmonton, AB. 


I graduated the program in June of 2017, and shortly after my family and I relocated to Nanaimo. It was the perfect place to slow down, enjoy some beautiful scenery, and to create a better work-life-balance for my young family.


Since pursuing massage therapy, I have gravitated towards sport massage and athletic injuries. I enjoy the challenge of determining the cause of an injury, whether it be athletic or those from every day life. I feel that deciding the best course of treatment, paired with remedial exercise and self-care for clients is key to assisting them to regain a pain free lifestyle. 

My passion for massage therapy has only grown since being on beautiful Vancouver Island. I am grateful for the opportunity to join Symphony so that I can expand my practice and knowledge in client-centered care through massage therapy. I am excited to begin my journey with the wonderful team of health professionals at Symphony Rehab.

Massage Therapist 

Jenna Kluthe


I first came West from Ontario in 1999 to complete a B.Sc. in Kinesiology (with a minor in Psychology) at Simon Fraser University. I fell in love with the landscape and the lifestyle but academics and career took me to Montreal, to study at McGill University (M.Sc. and B.Sc PT). At a large teaching hospital, I enjoyed clinical and academic work with a Oncology Rehabilitation team for many years.  As a researcher I presented at international conferences on the topic of cancer related fatigue and physical rehabilitation.  I continue to work with my colleagues in Montreal and have recently published on the topics of "Home-based NMES to improve exercise performance in advanced lung cancer",  as well as, "Effects of Qigong and Standard Exercise Therapy in Patients with Advanced Lung and Gastrointestinal Cancer". 

Eventually the West was calling again and we moved first to Vancouver and finally to Vancouver Island. Since the move I have gained experience with the BC Health Care system, working at all levels of acute care (emergency to ICU to medical wards). Most recently I have worked at the NRGH InPatient Rehabilitation Unit (HIRU). Through out my career, I have worked with many interdiscplinary teams to support people to gain strength and function after life changing medical events. I look forward to expanding my experience in working with those who have made it through the acute illness and are continuing to recover months and even years later.


My balance of work and play includes activities to enjoy our beautiful outdoors with my family. Especially learning through the eyes of my young children and developping hobbies/activities such as photography and yoga in this wonderful setting. 


pelvic health * neuro rehab * chronic pain * concussion rehab * post partum corrective exercise certificate * oncology rehab 

Tara Swanson

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Nicole completed her Bachelor degree in Biology with an emphasis on genetics and neurological development. After graduation, she volunteered at the Blusson Spinal Cord Centre in Vancouver researching the effect of gait training with a robotic walking aid for patients with incomplete spinal cord injuries. This furthered her interest in neurological injury and recovery, moving her forward to complete her Master of Physical Therapy degree.

For the last several years Nicole has worked at Abilities Neurological Rehabilitation and GF Strong. She has treated clients with a wide range of neurological and developmental concerns. She has also taken additional courses including vestibular rehab (the treatment of dizziness), pediatric specific courses and her Functional Dry Needling certification.

While living on the mainland, Nicole was an active volunteer coaching Challenger Ball, an adapted baseball league for children with physical and/or cognitive disabilities as well as a volunteer for Pacific Assistance Dogs Society, a non-profit organization that trains service dogs for people with physical disabilities.

Nowadays, when not taking courses or participating in research studies Nicole is enjoying island life; spending her spare time hiking, biking and camping with her family.


neuro rehab * concussion rehab * vestibular rehab* IMS* pediatric physiotherapy * FDN Practitioner

Nicole Mackay


For 2 years I had the opportunity to complete my Masters Degree in Physical Therapy in the beautiful city of Montreal before relocating back to  Nanaimo where my parents and sister reside. Upon my return,  I have been working primarily in an orthopedic setting at CBI Health Nanaimo Aquatic Centre. During my Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology at the University of Victoria, I had the opportunity to work as a camp counsellor for children with physical and mental disabilities. It was during this experience that I first became interested in rehabilitation and the role and impact of physiotherapists. I had the opportunity to further explore these interests when I worked as a Kinesiologist at CBI following the completion of my Bachelors Degree. 

Over the course of my studies, I had the opportunity to learn and work alongside many wonderful supervisors and therapists who I continue to look up to every day. This includes experiences within geriatric, post-surgical and  general orthopedics in both in-patient and out-patient settings, as well as ICU and acute rehabilitation.  There was one supervisor in particular, Marla Rapoport,  who taught me the importance of client-centered care. To her, a patient was not just a number or a time slot to fill. She valued the importance of developing a rapport with her patients so that they felt comfortable and trusting towards her. She understood that being an exceptional physiotherapist extended beyond just the physical and functional components of one’s rehab process. It involved guiding and supporting the patient through the emotional and psychological turmoil that can be associated with an injury or life-changing trauma/accident. Under her direction, I witnessed first hand the benefits of individualizing care and working in a collaborative setting with the patient to achieve their functional and personal goals during recovery. With her in mind, my goal every day is to portray these same qualities and characteristics with every patient I encounter. I want to work with patients to target the root of their problems and to provide them with the education to correct, manage or prevent injuries from re-occurring. I believe that active rehab, specifically exercise, is an enormous component of any successful rehab process and should be an essential adjunct to passive treatment provided in the clinic. 

Having spent most of my childhood living abroad - Ottawa,  London (England), Atlanta (Georgia) -  before moving to BC with my family in 2002, I am excited to start this new chapter of my life in Nanaimo. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, swimming and exploring BC’s many beautiful spots with my boyfriend and puppy, Kimmy. In addition, I am enjoying being back and spending quality time with my family and friends.


orthopaedics * IMS* neuro rehab

Julia Nemes


Hi! I’m Carey and I have a passion for movement as medicine. Our bodies were made to move and they function best when they remain in motion. That love of all things physical led me to my first degree from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Physical Education (2002) and then to go on to receive my Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation - Physical Therapy (2005). 

I have since worked in all aspects of acute care, rehab, community and health care administration. My treatment approach puts the client at the centre and I strive to empower, educate and get you taking control of your own rehab and recovery through effective coaching, communication and support. I put a strong emphasis on exercise and healthy habits with the goal of a more holistic style of treatment. When you work with me I will empower you to feel fit, strong and confident in your body, and in your life again. 

I have a keen interest in working with clients preparing, recovering and wanting to lead healthier, happier lifestyles after surgery, traumatic injuries and those living with chronic health conditions. I have over 10 years of experience in both hands on physiotherapy, online and tele health consultations. I truly believe your rehab happens at home and that I am here to be your guide. 

When not working with clients, I am adventuring with my two sons, running, hiking trails, drinking green smoothies, surfing and travelling back and forth between our life here on beautiful Vancouver Island and the beaches of north western Costa Rica, Pura Vida!



orthopaedics * pre\post op joint replacement

Cary Adam


I first discovered my talent for massage while in Hawaii in the fall of 2011, trading my friends massage in exchange for dinner or use of their scooter and surfboard for the day.  Once I got home I immediately pursued my passion for massage and graduated from Vancouver College of Massage Therapy in the winter of 2014.  After that, I quickly realized I needed a slower pace and moved back to Nanaimo in the summer of 2015.  The best part of being home is being near those closest to me as well as getting to rediscover everything the island has to offer!

I am very enthusiastic about education and helping my clients better understand their bodies. Knowing is half the battle, so creating a space for understanding with a thorough health history and treatment plan is a large part of what I do.  Utilizing  the resources available to me through the RMTBC and staying up to date on current medical research is one of my favourite parts of being an RMT.

I practice using lighter touch modalities such as craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation and segmental relaxation among others.  This allows me to listen better to what my clients needs are. These treatment modalities help to create better mind body integration, increase somatic awareness, and a more restful sleep - just to name a few benefits.

Massage Therapist

Craniosacral * Visceral Massage

Jackie Cottrell


After completing her high school education at the Nanaimo District Secondary School, Krista took off to the University of British Columbia to obtain a Bachelor of Kinesiology. While pursuing her degree, she participated on the varsity women’s soccer team and engaged in numerous volunteer opportunities.  Most notably, She volunteered for a program called “Soccer Dogs”, which taught children of various disabilities to play soccer and experience a team atmosphere. Krista also gained experience in senior rehabilitation at a Minoru Residence shadowing a physiotherapist. 


Upon returning home, Krista began to pursue a career as a Kinesiologst. Since being certified, she has worked with various populations. Krista utilizes her skills to develop strength and conditioning programs for athletes, exercise therapy for pediatrics, restore general health and wellness of various populations as well as fall prevention in the geriatric population. She enjoys giving back to the community and currently volunteers at Claro Life, and previously the Special Olympics. Krista constantly continues her education in various courses and programs, always wanting to further educate herself to better assist her clients. 


Krista Whittaker


Martina is an impassioned Occupational Therapist (OT), excited and inspired to create new and innovative ways to serve her patients’ health care needs. Martina was raised on Vancouver Island and is thrilled to be living in beautiful Campbell River. On her off time she loves exploring the outdoors on hiking trips, biking and running local trails.   


Martina received her Masters in OT from Queens University. Through personal and professional opportunities Martina has developed an interest for working with cognitive rehabilitation, particularly with Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury. Continued professional development to further her clinical practice skills and stay up to date with the latest research and best practice is a priority for Martina. She has taken additional training including a course in Concussion Management, Enabling Occupation Through the Assessment & Treatment of Cognitive Impairments and additional training through the Canadian International Bobath Association for treatment of neurological conditions.


Martina also has a passion for fitness and yoga. She has worked as a fitness instructor for the past 10 years teaching a variety of land and aquatic based programs. She is a certified yoga instructor and is completing her 800 hr Therapeutic Yoga Instructor training.


At Symphony Rehab Martina uses her training as an OT in conjunction with her training as a yoga therapist and fitness instructor to work with clients to improve their movement, decrease their pain & release stress from the body and mind. 

Occupational Therapist 

Martina Forster


My family and I left Vancouver for the slower pace of Vancouver Island in 2003. Since moving here I have had two children (now teens!) and I love the opportunities that Nanaimo provides for them, be it sports, arts, getting out into nature or out on the water. I enjoy being outside as much as possible and love exploring the numerous trails around Nanaimo with my dog Madee. I am passionate about keeping fit through fun activities like hiking and kickboxing and motivating others to get out and be active.


Having worked in several different medical/dental offices through the years I can truly say I enjoy getting to know and interacting with clients. I look forward to helping you when you come in to see us at Symphony!

Client Services Manager

Nicole Wolff


Kara is a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist with the College of Dietitians of British Columbia and a member of Dietitians of Canada. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition and Health with honours from the University of British Columbia in 2012, and a Master of Science in Applied Nutrition from Northeastern University in 2017. 

Kara works as both a clinical dietitian with Fraser Health and a consulting dietitian with Symphony Rehab, North Shore Sports Medicine, and Simon Fraser University Sports Medicine. She focuses on providing evidence-based nutrition counseling for a wide variety of clients. Areas of expertise include diabetes education, performance nutrition, heart health, weight loss/gain.

Kara also is a certified diabetes educator, holds her Food Safe Level One and Level Two certificates, and has completed the International Olympic Committee’s Diploma in Sports Nutrition program 

Kara is a network representative for the Dietitians of Canada Sports Nutrition Network and a member of the Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitians Association. 

Outside of work Kara enjoys running, hiking, rock climbing, cooking and photography. She is also a regular volunteer run leader and presenter with Sport Med BC’s Sun Run In-Training program.

Dietitian & Nutritionist


Kara Marshall


Susan completed her training in Speech-Language Pathology in 1988, augmenting her skills with a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology in 2007.  Her hospital career spans over 25 years - 23 of which were in a supervisory capacity - and experience across the continuum of neurological rehabilitation services.  Susan has expertise in neurological disorders of swallowing and communication.  A singer herself, the treatment of voice disorders represents a second area of specialization for Susan.

Susan's other passions include vegetable gardening/cooking, drawing, piano, cats and keeping up at the gym. 

Speech & Language Pathologist

Susan Robbins 


Renee is a Registered Clinical Counsellor in good standing with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellor. She completed her Master's in Clinical Counselling & Vocational Rehabilitation at the University of British Columbia. Renee has a special interest in trauma recovery, helping her clients safely process distressing events and learn strategies for self-regulation.  She successfully integrates aspects of EMDR and CBT to address symptoms of anxiety, depression and chronic pain, improving the resiliency of the autonomic nervous system.  She is known for her ability to provide a calm, reassuring environment within which clients can heal, discover and create solutions that result in increased quality of life. 

Clinical Counsellor

Renee Bueckert


Originally from Southern Africa and relocated to Canada 2002. Nanaimo has been my home for the majority of those years, after the birth of of my daughter in 2015 and several years spent living in the Okanogan and Manitoba I returned back to Nanaimo to be close to family and friends. My daughter and I like to spend most of our time outdoors hiking, kayaking and keeping active and  enjoy being close to the mountains and the ocean. 


After many years spent in customer service and health care I have a strong passion for helping others and creating a great experience for clients. I am excited to be apart of such an amazing positive team here at Symphony

Client Services 

Sarah Young

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