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Welcome to Symphony ~ serving locally in Nanaimo & Virtually around the world


We are located in Nanaimo, BC and we absolutely love getting to work with our island community.  As your partner in your journey - whether that be rehabbing from an injury, preparing for the sport season or a surgery, or simply wanting to optimize your health and wellness we work with you 1:1 every time you walk through our doors. 

But what if you don't live in our town? That's OK!

We have been offering virtual services since 2017!

Recognizing not everyone has the ability to cross our threshold shouldn't be a barrier to you receiving the treatment you need, and it isn't!  Connect with us through your iPad, computer or phone and we can help you take the next step forward in your journey of health, wellness and rehab.  Let's get you back to your life!


We practice a hybrid model of care at Symphony.  What does that mean? Our number one priority it to help you reach your goals - and that can mean receiving services in a multitude of ways.  Working with your therapist you will determine if your best treatment path is one of in-clinic services, telehealth services, or a blend of both


Concussion Care

in-clinic & telehealth service

Neurological Rehab

in-clinic & telehealth service



in-clinic & telehealth service

Vestibular Rehab

in-clinic & telehealth service

Pelvic Health

in-clinic & telehealth service

Functional Neurology

in-clinic & telehealth service

IMS / Acupuncture

in-clinic service only

Pediatric Physiotherapy

in-clinic & telehealth service

Speech & Language

in-clinic & telehealth service


Nutrition & Dietitian

telehealth service only

Clinical Counselling

in-clinic & telehealth service

Craniosacral Therapy / Myofascial  Release

in-clinic & telehealth service

Group Classes

in-clinic & virtual service



Breath Control Therapy

in-clinic & virtual service

We use cutting edge technology & a multi-disciplinary approach dedicated to client-focused care while working with you on your journey


We are Nanaimo's only clinic that focuses your rehab around your nervous system.  Whether you have had a concussion, stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury, Parkison's Disease OR you have strained your muscles, torn a ligament or had major surgery your nervous system will affect how you move and return to function.

At Symphony we work with you to improve your strength, mobility, balance, pain related to your injury AND integrate your progress back into your overall movement.

We work with you to get you back to the activities you love to do and optimize your function for life long health. 

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Roseleagh, Dragon Boater

"Symphony is the best in town.  Natasha and her team are professional & passionate who give so much to their clients & community.  Natasha & Tara presented to my team on the topic of injury prevention - Natasha then came to one of our Saturday morning practices to advise on our warm-up and cool down. 

She jumped in the boat with us to watch our technique and provide feedback on form.  

Many of our team members now go to the clinic and love the personal assessment & treatment program tailored to their needs.  I can not stress enough how luck we are to have Symphony in town. "

Looking forward to seeing you 


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